How to Preparing Yourself for UGC NET Exam

How to Preparing Yourself for UGC NET Exam

Preparing for UGC NET is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort and sincerity. Lots of students burn mid night oils, take coaching and swallow materials of all kinds. However, it doesn't only take hard work but also smart work to make the process easier. The first step is to analyse your aptitude and see which your strongest paper is and which one requires more effort. Here are a few more steps that can help you through the tumultuous process.

Step 1: Make a Time Table for Preparation

First off all make a time table and allot the desired number of days for preparation of Paper I, II & III. Then according to this timetable, divide each topic week-wise. During preparation time make summary notes for each and every topic so that they can be visited later during revision. Also, carefully decide which topic is most important and which is not and give required attention to each topic

If possible, make a list of topics that you need to cover on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Also, it is essential to know that depending on just one material is not wise; try to get more and more information from different books, Wikipedia, various blogs, websites and video tutorials

Step 2: Solve Previous Year Papers & Preparation Flow

Start with NCERT/Board Books to cover the basics. Then move on to previous year question papers and practice them regularly. After developing a habit for it, try attempting it with a timer. This will help you in preparation of finishing the test in time.

Keep a copy of the syllabus handy so that you know what all is pending and what all topics are covered.

You can also check out the extensive book list available online.

Do remember that your preparation process is not complete after the syllabus is covered. The next step is evaluation of your preparation. Sit with a bunch of fellow aspirants and attempt the test on the timer. Then exchange your papers and check each others' work. This will not only give you a chance to garner information about other aspirants' perspective but will also help you comprehend different types of mistakes that can be committed. Spend at list one week time for this paper solving exercise

Step 3: Revision

After next step is revision

Same as above allot at list 1 to 2 weeks for revision and in this days go through all the notes which you prepare and week topics gathered in paper solving.

Also check reviews for each topic you have made and study according to that.

Follow all these steps to make your journey an easier one.

Do let us know if you need any assistance and keep following us for more tips and tricks